The Two-Year College English Association of Mississippi

TYCAM Meeting Notification
Two-Year College English Association
2017 TYCAM Conference on Friday, September 22, 2017
Theme: “Making the Grade: Sustaining Student Success in the English Classroom”

As in prior years, there is no charge for this luncheon. Anyone who teaches or has taught English in the community college system is invited. This includes part-time, on-line, or dual-enrollment teachers.



Conference Features:

  • Great luncheon buffet choices—2 meat choices, 4 vegetables (no meat added), salad, and 2 desserts—free to all attendees
  • Opening Presentation: Janis Patterson, Northeast
  • Luncheon Speaker: Dr. Andrea Mayfield, Executive Director of the Community College Board
  • Emphasis: Grading and rubrics
  • We did this more than 10 years ago at Coahoma. New faculty have joined our system since then. We want to explore best grading practices and to emphasize effective techniques for sustaining student success. We will have preliminary data that day and will email more information upon further examination of the data.
  • NOTICE TO ALL DEPARTMENTS IN OUR SYSTEM: Please send your rubrics to Anna Britt-Begnaud at Northwest. Her email address is albegnaud@iccms.edu. This is extremely important for the afternoon session.
  • Sessions for Department/Division Chairs and for Creative Writing instructors




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